September 1, 2021

A South African bubble tea shop has been selling a tea which, if made into a tea bag, can be used as a tea fountain for people in need.

The tea shop owner, Milos tea from Johannesburg, was told the ‘miracle’ tea was going to be in the bubble tea store by a customer who called into his shop with a special request.

“She was very nervous because she thought it might be a miracle,” Mr Milos told News24.

A customer called Milos, a South African entrepreneur, in the middle of the night to ask if he could use a tea to help in the drought.

Mr Milos decided to make a tea bowl with the idea of sharing it with the customer, who is a refugee who has fled to South Africa.

After receiving the tea bowl, Mr Milo said, the customer was “very happy and happy with it”.

“She said it is a miracle tea.

And I said it would be a nice surprise,” Mr Tsegaba said.

He explained that a regular bubble tea, made from tea leaves soaked in water, would last up to a month.

Once a week, Mr Tsogaba would take the tea from the bowl, wash it and add milk to make the tea tea.

While there are still people in South Australia needing tea, the tea store owner is determined to provide the cup of tea to as many people as possible.

“[The tea] is not meant to be a luxury item but a means of feeding the hungry,” Mr Mota said.

“It is a great gift for those people who have been in need.”

It is not the first time the store has been accused of selling ‘miracles’ tea.

In January last year, a customer told the shop owner that a tea made from a tea-leaf soaked in milk could last a month in the cup.

Last month, the store was accused of using fake tea to sell its products online.

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