June 18, 2021

Chinese slim coffee can improve sleep quality by improving mood and reducing depression symptoms, according to a new study by researchers at Shanghai Zhongshan Medical University.

The research, published in the Chinese Journal of Experimental Medicine, showed that Chinese slim drinking of tea and coffee can produce a similar effect to taking a mood boosting antidepressant.

The authors say that this is because caffeine can trigger a type of serotonin (5-HT) release in the brain, which then affects the brain’s serotonin-dependent (5HT2A) and 5-HT2C receptors.

When a person drinks the thin green tea, the 5-HTR (5th serotonergic receptor) is activated and a chemical messenger, serotonin-5-hydroxylase, is released, resulting in serotonin-2 (5H2) release.

This then affects serotonin receptors in the brains of people who are already depressed.

The study’s results showed that when people were given thin green teas containing caffeine, the moods of people in the study improved.

However, when people drank the slim green tea the mood did not improve.

“This study shows that Chinese thin drinking of green tea can improve mood and reduce depression symptoms in people with mild depression,” said Zhang Yu, the study’s first author and a researcher in the Department of Pharmacology at Shanghai Shenzhen Medical University and Shanghai Zhouxing Medical University in China.

“We have to take into account that the thin drinking green tea is not a medicine,” he added.

“It can be used as a supplement for people with depressive symptoms, but it is important to remember that people with depression cannot use this tea for that purpose,” said Yang Yanchuan, the first author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at Shanghai, who has also done research on the impact of Chinese slim caffeine consumption.

“I think it’s important to make people aware of the potential dangers of this green tea consumption, especially when it comes to the use of antidepressants,” he said.

“People should always check whether the source of the caffeine they consume is safe,” said Yanchuan.

“There are a lot of side effects and there are no studies that have shown that thin drinking tea has any positive effects on mood or depression symptoms.”

Yanchuian said the green tea was a very common tea in China and was widely consumed in public places, such as cafés, restaurants and other places where people were in public.

“Therefore, it is possible that the effects observed here might be due to consumption of the green teabag tea in public,” he explained.

However, the researchers were not sure why this tea had such a positive effect.

“This study has shown that people can increase serotonin-induced 5-hTR release in brain via serotonin-6 (5ht6) receptors in a dose-dependent manner,” Yanchun said.

“However, there are many other possible explanations, including the effects of the tea itself, the way the tea is brewed, and the way people consume it.”

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