July 21, 2021

By Sarah Jaffe Washington Post Staff WriterThe dog in front the White, House, Tea Cup, Puppy Cup, is a friend of Obama’s and Biden, a senior administration official told reporters.

“They were really close, he’s been with them for two years, he gets along with everybody, and they just have this little buddy, they just talk about everything,” the official said.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have been at the WhiteHouse a number of times, with the President greeting his new pet, and Biden having her photograph taken with the puppy.

He has been a favorite of Obama.

“The dog is one of his closest friends.

He loves the White house and he loves the President.

He really enjoys the Whitehouse,” the senior administration person said.

The dog is a favorite pet of President Barack Obama, a former president and first lady, as well as Biden.

Biden has been at WhiteHouse several times for a number one-year reunion, and he has been seen at a number in the past with the dog.

“It’s not that he’s not happy, he enjoys it.

He likes to be around people.

He is a real friend of President Biden.

He’s just a really nice dog,” the source said.

“He has a good temperament.

He does a great job of sniffing out people and making sure they’re alright and taking them to the vet.

He enjoys being around people.”

The White House is the most photographed place in the world, and the dog has been everywhere, including a spot on the White Floor.

“When he’s at the President’s table, they are on the floor.

The dogs love it there.

They’re in the front row, and we just have a big photo op.

It’s just really nice, and it’s been a really good bonding experience for both of them,” the person said of the dog and the President, who have been friends for two-and-a-half years.

Biden is a retired Navy Seal and former governor of Delaware, while Obama is a U.S. senator from Illinois.

Biden was not available for comment, and WhiteHouse.gov did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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