October 11, 2021

The Art of Tea Set is an art exhibition for tea lovers in Italy.

The exhibition will take place in the Museo dei Arti, Rome, from July 7-15, with a running time of 40 minutes.

It will highlight some of the most famous works from the art of tea. 

The first edition will be made of the tea sets from the ‘Tea and Art of the Past’ collection.

The exhibition will also feature tea sets made by the famous Italian sculptor, Alessandro Del Giocondo, and Italian sculptors, Marco Cazarese and Carlo Tamborello.

The art of the past , which is said to be the oldest art, has been on the agenda of the exhibition since 2006.

A large number of the works will be presented in a new, modern and beautiful form, with an exhibition format inspired by modernist painting and sculpture.

The theme of the set is tea.

The set is to include works from Del Gioco, Del Tambourini, Alessandra Gherardini, Marco Capocca, Paolo Sisti, Luigi Colonna, Carlo Cazario, Marco Rizzoli, Paola Pizzo, Luciano Pizzoli and many more.

As the Art of Art of Past, it will be open to all art lovers.

The first edition of the art exhibition is to be presented on July 7, and the exhibition will run for 40 minutes from 7-8 p.m.

Tickets for the Art is the Past exhibition are available at the Artisartisetro.it website or through the ticket exchange website.