September 14, 2021

Hana tea organizer Hana Teahouse says she has no plans to attend a tea party rally this weekend in North Carolina.

Teahouses husband, Steve, says they’re not protesting the Tea Party.

“We’re protesting the fact that the people of North Carolina have been treated as second-class citizens, and they’re being treated like they don’t exist,” Teahhouses husband said.

Teahs tea party event will be held Saturday at the North Carolina State Capitol.

The Tea Party in North Dakota was organized to rally against a proposed law that would allow businesses to deny service to transgender people.

Protesters gathered on the steps of the State Capitol to voice their opposition.

The state’s House of Representatives passed the bill by a vote of 58-0.

The bill was quickly overturned by the state Senate.

Tealas husband says they aren’t going to participate in the rally because it isn’t for him.

“There is no Tea Party,” Teahouse said.

“I was born a Republican and I’m not going to stand for it.”

Teahhouse says he doesn’t know if she’ll attend the event because she’s already scheduled to have a birthday party on Friday.

“It’s just so much of a shock to my family,” Tehhouse said of the reaction to her family’s opposition to the tea party.

“The first thing I do is get out of the house and get some sleep and I get ready to start a new chapter in my life.”

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