July 5, 2021

When I first got into tea it was all about the tea, and I think for most people that is the main thing that they are looking for.

They like the tea.

If it’s good quality and they like it, that’s what they’re looking for and I believe that’s the reason why so many people are really attracted to tea.

But when you get into the tea you find a lot more.

That’s why I think there is a real need to educate people, to get them to try tea in a variety of ways, to try it in different ways and that’s why you’re seeing so many new brands and brands emerging.

It’s not just tea, it’s also a range of different products.

So, I think that’s really important, not just for the health benefits of tea but also to get people to try the product in a different way and to do it in a healthy way.

That can really bring about a different perception of what tea is.

What does it taste like?

Is it bitter?

How does it affect your eyesight?

What is it good for?

I mean, that is really important.

You don’t want to go and buy the worst tea and have a bad experience with it.

And so that’s something I really want to work towards, to really encourage people to think about it and not just to buy tea and take it and enjoy it.

So I really think that is something I can really do for the benefit of the world.

Do you think there are other products out there that have the potential to be good for people?

Absolutely, there are.

And they are certainly a lot cheaper and so I think they could be a lot of good for the world too.

Are there any brands that you think could benefit from an education on tea?


There are some brands that have been doing it for a long time and I’m really excited to see what the next chapter is for them.

I’ve also really enjoyed working with some of the other brands that I’ve worked with and I hope that’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to continue working with them.

And that’s all I can say.

I’m not going to talk about it.

I can’t really talk about the industry and I don’t think that would be fair to the companies.

What I can do is I can share with you the experiences that I have had and I’ve been involved with tea since I was about 14 years old and have had to go through the tea experience, tea education and tea research, tea marketing and marketing.

I think we can all learn from that and it’s something that I’m very interested in, to see how it all works and where we could make it better.

And I’m always interested in what new technologies are out there and how we can use them to create more value and to really help people achieve their best health outcomes.

I also think we have a lot to learn from other industries and I want to take that a step further.

What do you think the future holds for tea?

Well, I really hope that there are people out there who are really interested in tea, who are trying different things and maybe even creating their own brand and their own way of making tea.

They don’t have to be tea experts. I don

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