June 20, 2021

A yoga-based tea detox will cleanse your body, mind and mind-body-mind connection.

According to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, this is the ultimate way to get rid of all toxins in your body.

“Tea leaves are a natural detoxifier, they are an aphrodisiac, a healer, a purifier of toxins.

They are a great way to remove toxins in our body and mind,” Ramdev said.

“We can detoxify our bodies by taking tea leaves, or we can detox with tea, or tea can be the best form of detox,” he said.

A tea detox cleanses the body, minds and mind, Ramdev added.

“If you have an unhealthy body, you are very likely to have unhealthy minds and bodies,” he told reporters.

The best way to detox is by drinking tea, Ramdas said.

He said tea contains antioxidants that can help you detox.

Ramdev said it is not just about cleansing your body but also your mind and your mind-Body-mind link.

“You need to make sure that the tea leaves that you take, they should be healthy,” he added.

Ramdas, who is a yoga teacher, has been practicing for more than 20 years.

He also holds several world records for yoga.

“When you’re sitting in a yoga class, you don’t want to take any tea, you’re not supposed to take tea, it’s supposed to be something else,” he explained.

Ramda said the purpose of tea detoxification is to cleanse the body and the mind, so that you can get rid from your stress, he said, adding, “Tea is a great thing for healing, and it will bring you peace of mind.”

Ramdev has been promoting his tea detox to people for a long time.

“This is my favourite form of tea.

It’s so good.

I take it every day.

It cleanses my body and helps my mind, my body is very good at removing toxins,” he joked.

Ramdin also said that the best way for anyone to detox from toxins is by using tea, and the most important part is the tea.

“In my yoga class we drink tea in this form.

It is good for your body,” he remarked.

“Your mind and body, they’re very important.

Ramradas also said there are many yoga-related health benefits of drinking tea. “

It’s so important to drink tea and not eat anything,” he advised.

Ramradas also said there are many yoga-related health benefits of drinking tea.

Drinking tea also can help with your digestive system, which is one of the most difficult things to fix.

“Tea helps with digestion and can help a lot.

If you drink tea, if you are a vegetarian, it will help you with your digestion, which you can do in a very short time,” he stressed.

According, Ramdin, the most effective way to do yoga is by taking it every single day.

“The best way is to do it daily,” he noted.

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