July 14, 2021

A tea set with a cup and a lid that’s meant to be used as a coffee mug?

How about a coffee maker with a lid, so you can pour hot tea directly into the mug?

A tea tea set?

How did this happen? 

Well, it happened to me. 

I made a tea set that could be used to make iced coffee, and I think it was the most popular recipe for the set. 

The recipe is so simple. 

You put in the iced water and sugar, fill the mug with iced-hot water, pour the tea into the cup, and then pour the hot tea back into the coffee pot. 

When I made the mug set, I filled the mug about three-quarters full with ice, and the lid was on. 

This setup works very well, but the lid doesn’t come off. 

After a few weeks of pouring hot water into the pot, I noticed a few small cracks on the lid. 

Then, one night, I looked through my fridge, and there was a tea kettle with a large crack on the top. 

It was leaking water, so I called the company that makes the coffee pot, and they told me that they could use a hot-water gun to remove the lid, but I couldn’t do that. 

Instead, I had to replace the pot lid, which cost $60, and took two hours. 

If you have a smaller mug, you can replace the lid easily. 

However, if you want to replace a lid for an iced mug, this is probably the easiest way to do it. 

So, here are the steps to making an ice tea set in a few minutes. 

First, buy a coffee pot that has a lid.

If you have one, you’ll need a coffee filter to remove water. 

Cut out the ice cup lid, and insert the filter into the hole. 

Next, remove the top of the lid and put a piece of string around the top, then pull the string tight. 

Repeat this process until the lid is completely removed. 

Now that you have an icesink set, it’s time to assemble it. Place the cover on the coffee maker, and place the lid on top.

Make sure the filter is on, then carefully insert the water into a glass of water and add some ice. 

Fill the mug, and let it cool for a minute or so. 

While the icesong is cooling, place a cup of iced iced hot water in the mug. 

Add some ice and pour the icing water into your iced coffeamak. 

Cover the mug and let the icesickness take over. 

Wait a few hours, and drink your ice iced cup of coffee. 


I hope you enjoyed this article on iced teas! 

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