August 12, 2021

By MICHAEL A. SOHNTUESDAY, April 8, 2018 — Teas are a popular beverage and a source of much pleasure in many households, but they’re not the best source of caffeine for a pregnant woman.

While teas are packed with vitamins and minerals, they’re also high in calories and sugar, and can have a negative impact on a woman’s baby.

Here are three ways to avoid teas and help your baby thrive.


Keep your caffeine intake low.

Teas can have more calories than most other beverages, and are full of caffeine and other chemicals.

You can also avoid caffeine by drinking plenty of water and limiting your consumption of soda, coffee and other beverages with added sugar.

If you’re having trouble staying hydrated, try this trick to keep your belly-fat under control: Use a light snack bar and water to sip on and on.

It will help your body to use water to regulate your blood sugar levels.2.

Choose a low-calorie beverage.

Low-calories, low-fat beverages can help you stay hydrated during your pregnancy and help reduce your risk of pregnancy complications.

Here’s how to choose a good drink: Drink lots of fruit, yogurt and low-sugar vegetables like cantaloupe, asparagus and green beans.

Drink only one glass of water a day.

Choose healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil.3.

Avoid sugary drinks.

Drinking large amounts of soft drinks, such as soft drinks with high sugar content, can lead to an increased risk of obesity.

Avoid sweetened drinks such as those with artificial sweeteners, aspartame, diet soda and fruit juice.4.

Limit caffeine intake.

There’s no safe dose of caffeine, so try to avoid it during your prenatal visits, during the first week of your baby’s life and for a few months after birth.

If your caffeine consumption is too high, it can lead you to a condition called cravings.

To help curb your cravings, take an occasional dose of a low caffeine beverage during the day.5.

Avoid high-calorific drinks.

High-caloric drinks, like tea and coffee, contain sugar, which can be detrimental to a developing baby.

There are a variety of low- and moderate-calory beverages that can be a good source of energy for a growing baby, such an energy bar, a high-protein diet drink or a low fat snack bar.

You may also enjoy a smoothie or a shake with milk or milk products.

If you’re concerned about caffeine intake, talk to your health care provider.

A good starting point would be to ask if there are any medical conditions that could be causing your caffeine levels to increase.

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