September 26, 2021

Milos Tea has opened a shop in Mumbai, the Indian capital, and will be the first major tea brand to open in India.

The tea, made by a French company, is a mix of milk and tea, and is sold in cafes, restaurants and convenience stores.

Milos Tea, a French multinational with about 50 brands, is known for producing high-end brands such as The Rooster, Caffe, Oolong and Kaffir Lime.

Its first product, The Roaster, is made in Taiwan, and has a price tag of around US$2,000, the company said.

India’s tea industry has been growing, as tea is consumed at high rates by Indian consumers.

Tea is also considered a cultural and culinary delicacy in India, which produces more than a billion kilograms of tea a year.

It has been used as a drink in weddings and funerals, and for tea-making.

In 2015, the government announced a plan to allow private tea gardens to operate in India and other parts of the world.

A spokeswoman for Milos, Nathalie Van der Velde, said that in order to open a shop, Milos has been in discussions with the government.

“We are working with the local government in India to finalise our plans,” she said.

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