August 6, 2021

When I asked my husband if he thought the idea of his and his daughter going on a date was something he’d ever considered, he told me that it’s not something that he’d be prepared to do.

“If you ask me, I would never do it,” he said.

“I don’t want to go to an event where it’s just, ‘Oh, she’s going to go out with this guy’.

I would rather have a date that’s like, ‘What can I do for you?'”

His point about wanting to see each other as friends was echoed by his daughter, who he said had been on the same date as him previously.

“She’s just always been like, you know, I think she’s kind of the one that’s always being nice, you’re always being helpful and always supporting,” he told BBC Sport.

“And I just think, ‘That’s the type of relationship that I’m in and I’m happy with that.'”

I asked if he’d consider going out with his daughter again.

“Oh, sure,” he laughed.

“That’s something that I’d like to do and I’d love to do with her, so, yeah.”

In the meantime, I asked what it was like to spend so much time with the girls he has grown up with and how he’d feel if they were to get married.

“Well, that’s not my focus at the moment,” he replied.

“What I’m focused on is making sure that I get to spend time with them.”

In a follow-up email, he said the main focus of the couple’s lives has been on their children, so he doesn’t feel pressure to have a second wedding.

“We love each other and we’re so lucky to have children and we want them to have as good of a life as we do,” he wrote.

But I think the main thing that we do together is be the best we can be together.”

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