September 8, 2021

Next BigFuture is the world’s largest maker of electric tea kettles, and it has just announced that it will be offering the first mass production version in China.

The company said that its latest model, the electric tea kitchen, is the first of its kind in the world, and the first in a range of other products that it is making available in China, including other energy-efficient models, electric stoves and electric heating systems.

The tea-making kitchen is a compact and compact design that features a large-screen television screen and large windows.

The kitchen also includes two large storage units with storage space for the kettle and accessories, including a coffee maker, tea bags, spoons, sponges and a water dispenser.

The tea kettle can be turned on and off, and its temperature can be set using the TV screen.

The product has been developed by China-based startup Next Big, which has already made products in the US and Europe, and is currently making the electric kettle available to other Chinese manufacturers.

“The electric teakitchen is an innovation in our tea-makers, and we have to thank China’s great technology leaders for the design and manufacturing of this innovative product,” Next Big founder and CEO Jianfeng Yang said in a statement.

“We are confident that our Chinese competitors will take notice and be ready to launch their own electric tea kitsch,” he said.

Yang is the chairman of the Global Food Security Coalition, a Beijing-based trade group for food companies and food manufacturers.

The new product is currently available in the United States at Target stores, and in stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, India and the United Arab Emirates.

It will be available in Europe in a few weeks, and Japan and the Middle East in a month or two.

Yang said the company is now working with the Chinese government to produce a similar product, and that the company’s current electric tea kitchen is “an incredible achievement”.

“The technology in China is already very advanced, and I think we can see that it can be used for other products,” Yang said.

“We are working with a Chinese company that is doing a great job.”

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