October 28, 2021

A man who could be a father has died after battling a rare form of cancer.

Jazmine Tea was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma last year.

Her husband Tony said she was the first to know her diagnosis was terminal.

Jaze was the mother of three, but her death was announced on her Facebook page.

“A loving husband and a caring father.

We will be forever missed by all who knew Jaze,” she wrote.

“I loved her with all my heart and will be missed by my family and friends.”

Jaze’s husband Tony says her cancer diagnosis was a shock and a shock to all of them.

He says the couple was in a “polarised” relationship but that Jaze never sought treatment for her illness.

“She was never the type of person who would ever be tempted to seek treatment,” he said.

“As I said at the time, I never would have guessed that it would have happened to her.”

Tony says he has not spoken to his wife since her diagnosis.

“It’s devastating for the family.

She had a beautiful family,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

Jase’s father, David, was an engineer and a father of two.

He is now a member of the Australian Navy and a retired civil engineer.

Mr Tea said he would like to thank all the people who have supported his family.

“Our family is now in mourning, so it is very sad,” he added.

“We are very appreciative of all the support from friends and family.”

The Jaze Tea website says the cause of Jaze Teas cancer is still unclear, but that it is a rare type of the disease.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know yet whether the cause is inherited or whether it’s caused by the virus,” the company says.

“The cause of this is unknown.”

Mr Tea says Jaze is the “biggest advocate” for the cause.

“Jase was the most popular member of our family and she was an inspiration to us all,” he says.

A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for Jaze and her family says the family is still looking for any information that could lead to her recovery.

“To all those who have been affected by this tragedy, we are here to help,” it reads.

“Please share this story with your family and anyone you can.”

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