October 1, 2021

darjevildar tea, TLC tea, tea,tourist,hope,happened last week,touring,treat article In 2017, Darjeeling Tea was the most popular tourist destination in Delhi, with more than two million visitors visiting every year.

As India celebrates its centennial, tourism is in the spotlight, and the city’s tourist board has announced that it will shut the beloved tourist spot down for over 10 years.

This, after nearly a decade in operation, and despite a steady decline in visitors, which has seen the number of visitors drop from almost 5 million in 2014 to around 2.5 million last year.

The decision to shut Darjeeling Tea down comes as a relief to the tea industry.

It was started in 2001 by a couple from the northeastern state of Haryana who wanted to bring their love of tea to the capital.

Today, Darseelings is the oldest tea shop in India and has been the home of the tea shop for more than 30 years.

It started with two men, who decided to open a tea shop to make tea, but things soon changed when they decided to build their own tea shop.

“The tea shop started as a tea stall, but it has been expanded over time.

The main reason is the demand for tea,” said Sanjeev Singh, founder of Darjeels Tea and co-founder of the Haryanvi Tea Centre.

“It is the main attraction of the city, and people come for the food, entertainment and tea.”

For the last decade, Darjanese tea has been run by two brothers, who have been working with a single staff member, who is now retired.

It’s a sad story of decline for a city that is renowned for its diversity, and it comes as no surprise to many that the tea is being shut down.

But despite the decision to close Darjeela, tea lovers across the country have been left disappointed.

“We are hoping that it is not just a business decision, but that there is a lot of support for the tea in the tea community.

We hope it will not be a closure but instead that it stays in the city,” said Praveen Kumar, who runs Darjeese Tea in Hyderabad.

In a statement issued to the media, the tourism board said the decision was taken to protect the interests of the entire tea industry and to preserve Darjeella’s unique character.

“This is the first time in the history of the tourist board that a tea store has been shut down, and we have been informed by the local tea seller and owner,” said the statement, which added that Darjeing Tea has been in the company of the owner since 2001.

“Our shop has been running for the last 10 years, and over the last ten years we have seen a drop in our customers, which we believe is a result of the decline of the industry.

We are hopeful that this will not last,” added Sanjeevi.

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