September 5, 2021

A year ago, the world waited for the first shipment of bubble tea, a Chinese herbal brew whose name translates as “green tea with bubbles”.

The first batch arrived in Toronto in April, followed by the rest of the world.

In the meantime, the flavours have become something of a celebrity, attracting celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg and David Geffen.

“People are really excited about the taste and the way it’s made,” said Sarah Skelton, co-owner of The Bubble Tea Shop in the former Rosedale Hotel, where the drink is sold.

(The Bubble Tea Company) The first shipment arrived in October, and since then, the drink has become something to be celebrated.

It’s sold at the bar, on the Internet, in pop-up bars and restaurants, and on a popular YouTube channel.

There’s even a video of a man being served one for lunch at The Bubble Coffee Bar.

“It’s just a great time to be a Canadian,” said Laura, a 28-year-old mother of two from Brampton, Ont.

“The fact that the tea is grown in Canada and that the flavors are such a big deal.

It gives the people an excuse to be excited.”

What makes the tea so unique?

It has a strong flavour of lemon, sweet orange and black pepper, which comes from the leaves.

The tea is brewed using water from the Chinese mainland and the tea leaves are roasted, then filtered.

The flavour is so intense, people are surprised when they first taste it, said Skelson.

The drink’s popularity in Canada has led to more than 1,000 bubble tea bars popping up around the country, according to The Bubble Shop.

It makes for a fun night out, said Laura.

“We’re always going to be selling bubble tea to people,” she said.

“But we’ve just grown so much demand.”

The biggest selling point for people to try bubble tea is the taste, which has become a hot topic of conversation.

“You can find bubbles everywhere.

You can buy them in grocery stores, on food trucks, in restaurants,” said Sselton.

“I think there’s a big demand.”

Why is bubble tea so popular?

It’s the most popular drink in China, which is a major producer of tea.

The Chinese government has promised to stop exporting tea to Canada if the tea’s exports aren’t curtailed, but there are fears of the Chinese government shutting down the country if the trade is not curtailed.

In an interview with CBC News, Canadian Ambassador to China Robert Fournier said the government was looking into ways to stop the trade, but did not elaborate.

In response, bubble tea’s popularity has also grown.

“In China, bubbles are a symbol of the country and people’s sense of nationalism, so they’ve been buying them, and there’s been a lot of interest in it in Canada,” said Fourniers.

In China, the tea has been seen as a symbol for patriotism.

But it also has been linked to a slew of social issues, such as a lack of social media and the growing popularity of social justice.

Why are there so many bubbles?

It is believed that the origin of the bubble tea can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty, when the Chinese began producing tea and then started to export it.

The bubble tea tradition was first developed during the Chinese Civil War in the early 19th century, according a website that tracks the history of tea, and is still being passed down.

The British began importing tea in the 1880s, but China stopped exporting tea after World War II.

The world was not ready for a world where people were making bubble tea when they could just buy it online.

What’s the difference between bubble tea and green tea?

In the case of green tea, the leaves are picked before they are boiled, to make the tea.

There are other factors that make bubble tea more popular, including a high caffeine content, a lot less sugar and a lower salt content.

What do Canadians expect from bubble tea?

Most people will get a cup of bubble water at the local store, said Sarah, a 29-year old mother of three from Bramhampton.

But they might also get a spoonful of the drink in a glass or bottle.

People will drink it while waiting for their friends, said Katie, who lives in Scarborough.

“For some people, it’s a little too strong, it’ll take you a few seconds,” said Katie.

“Then you’re done.”

In a recent survey, more than 80 per cent of Canadians said they would like to try the drink, according the CBC.

What are the risks of buying bubble tea in Canada?

Some people have reported headaches, dizziness and stomach pain, but most people said it didn’t bother them, said Michael Skelston, the owner of The Bubbly Tea Shop.

“Some people are actually having problems with it, but the most common complaints we’ve had are nausea and vomiting,”

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