July 4, 2021

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Read more: It’s a common misconception that cold weather is always good for tea, but it doesn’t always work out that way. 

Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently found that tea drinkers were more likely to get a bad cold if they were drinking cold tea rather than hot tea.

They concluded that cold tea consumption was linked to more bad colds, such as chest colds.

Cold tea is usually made with hot water and sugar, which can cause headaches and other health issues. 

It’s also said to have negative effects on your digestion, which means it can affect your immune system.

But, there is evidence to support this idea, according to researchers at the School of Food Science at Newcastle University.

The study found that cold-weather tea drinkers had significantly higher rates of stomach acid changes than hot-weather drinkers, and lower levels of gut bacteria than those drinking hot-air. 

“Cold tea drinkers also had higher levels of circulating IL-6, which increases the risk of colon cancer, and increased levels of cytokines, which could increase the risk for asthma,” the researchers said. 

They concluded that “cold-weather consumption can cause stomach discomfort, particularly in those drinking cold air”.

What to do if you think you might have a cold: You should avoid drinking cold-air tea as much as possible. 

Avoid mixing cold-water tea with hot-water, as the cold air will cause your stomach to feel cold. 

When in doubt, drink hot tea, which has more nutrients and energy.

If you are a hot-climate tea drinker:If you have a temperature of 16 degrees or above, you can try mixing tea with water. 

Mixing tea with ice or milk is a healthier way of drinking tea, since it has less sugar. 

However, this method can cause digestive upset and discomfort. 

If you feel your stomach is very tight, you might try drinking cold water tea with tea instead.

Avoid using ice to drink tea, as it may cause gas. 

In the event that you have some colds and you’re experiencing chest discomfort, it’s important to seek medical advice, as there’s a risk of contracting a cold.

Drink cold water in a cup, rather than a mug. 

Cold water tea should be diluted with hot tea and milk.

If you don’t have access to hot tea or milk, you may also consider drinking tea in a mug instead. 

You can find hot tea on Amazon, as well as the UK’s own Dr. Phil’s Hot Tea series. 

Find out more about tea.

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