August 9, 2021

The most common tea in the world is chai, which is produced by boiling water and then separating it into the water and tea leaves.

Chai tea is produced all over the world and has a reputation for being a healthier drink than many other teas.

But, according to a study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, tea leaves can actually contain more carbon than water.

Researchers used the tea leaf as a model for studying how carbon dioxide is absorbed into the tea, and what that means for the health of the tea.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, found that the carbon content of tea leaves was lower than that of the water they were brewed from, which in turn was higher than that found in other foods.

The authors noted that, while the water used to brew tea leaves is usually made of water, the tea leaves contain more soluble carbon compounds than water, which means that the water can be a bit easier to dissolve.

The researchers also noted that tea leaves were higher in the amount of soluble compounds than those found in coffee, cocoa and chocolate, which suggests that the tea may be more conducive to digestion than other foods that have a similar level of sugar and fat.

The team found that, overall, the amount carbon in the tea was about 1.8 times higher than the amount found in milk, which can have a detrimental effect on your body.

It also was higher in protein than some other types of food, which may explain why some studies suggest that consuming protein supplements can help with heart disease.

It’s unclear whether the carbon in chai actually helps you live longer or if the higher levels of carbon are due to the amount the tea contains.

However, the researchers said that it’s a possibility.

“We think that the higher level of carbon in tea may contribute to the benefits of chai and other green teas,” study co-author Yves Lefebvre, a biochemist at the University of Strasbourg, told Science News.

“But we can’t rule out the possibility that other compounds in tea are also associated with longevity and health benefits.”

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