July 26, 2021

The UK government has unveiled a new plan to encourage people to stop drinking tea and to make up for the years of wasted sugar.

Key points:The Government wants to help the average Briton cut back on tea consumption by 40% by 2025The new plan would involve reducing sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks by 50%The plan would also include a sugar tax of 3% on foodstuffs, including soft drinks and crispsThe plan will see sugar-laden products banned in supermarkets and other places where they are marketed to children and the elderly, as well as a ban on sugar-based drinks such as cola and energy drinks, according to the government.

But the government is urging people to be aware of the potential risks associated with the sugar and added sugar found in many tea products.

It says people should avoid consuming the drink if they are pregnant, have a heart condition, have diabetes or have a history of heart disease.

The Government says it will take action to help people reduce the amount of sugar in their diets.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “Our Government is committed to reducing the sugar content in our food, drink and tobacco products and reducing our sugar consumption.”

The government will be reviewing its policy on sugar in food to make sure that we continue to reduce sugar in our daily diet and reduce the impact that it has on health.”‘

The most expensive and harmful sugar’The statement comes after the Government announced a $1.5bn sugar tax in April.

It also launched a campaign to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks in stores and online.”

We have made a commitment to help consumers cut back by 40 per cent by 2025,” the spokesperson said.”

That means we will work with the Department of Health and other partners to help them achieve that target by reducing the amount they consume of sugared beverages, sweetened drinks and other sweeteners.

“The new sugar tax will see products such as tea, coffee, ice cream and ice-cream flavours banned from retailers and restaurants and have a 5% tax on the sales price.

The new tax will also apply to all sugar-containing products including soft and sugary foods, processed and packaged food, tea, juices and juice drinks, and sugar in cosmetics, nail care products and toiletries.

A 1.5% tax would be applied to beverages sold in vending machines.

The government also plans to introduce a sugar-free diet, where all foods and drinks are made from non-GMO, non-processed ingredients.

People can still buy sugary products, but the price of each can be adjusted.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “The Government is making it clear that this is a major issue.

“We are doing our bit to reduce this cost, and we will continue to do so.”

The announcement comes as the government unveils its national sugar and diet policy.

In March, the government announced plans to ban sugar-infused drinks and soft drinks in supermarkets, but not other foodstamps.

Under the plan, sugar-drenched products such a soft drink, coffee or tea would only be sold in a vending machine.

Fruits and vegetables will be restricted to a certain amount per week and non-sugar-based food will be sold only in restaurants and cafes.

But sugar-rich foods, such as chocolate, will be allowed to be sold to children.

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