June 15, 2021

Best green tea is the best way to enjoy a cup of green tea for a couple of hours, according to experts.

So what’s the best kind of green, what are the best green tea varieties and how can you get them?

MTV News asked some experts for their top picks and answers.

A cup of tea at work: The best green teas for the office can be found in tea cups made from the same plant, the plant that has tea leaves that have been soaked in water to soften them, for example, Chinese green tea or black tea.

However, there are plenty of tea cups out there made from other types of tea leaves as well.

Here’s what we found.1.

The Chinese green: The Chinese green is one of the oldest green teases in tea.

Chinese green means green and tea leaves are typically green and white.

“In China, there is a green tea called green tea,” says Amy Lee, co-owner of the tea shop Tea Tea and a Tea Lover.

Lee and her husband were at their kitchen table one day, and they were just looking for a cup to go with some Chinese green.

“We found a little cup of Chinese green and thought ‘that looks good.

I’ll make a cup’,” she says.

She poured a cup into a tea mug and quickly got some into her hands.

“I was like, ‘What the heck, what’s in there?'”

Lee says she likes the taste of the green tea more than the smell of the leaves.

“If you’re like me, you get the smell and taste, but I don’t really get the taste.”


Black tea: Black tea has a long history, dating back to China, where it was originally known as ‘black tea’.

This tea is made from ground black tea leaves, which are boiled in water.

They have been used to make tea since the 16th century.

The taste of black tea is similar to green tea, but it’s sweeter, has more bitterness and has more oomph, Lee says. 

“It has a slightly more fruity, slightly nutty taste,” she adds.


Tea from Japan: The Japanese tea is one with a reputation for being very good for you, according, experts.

Japanese tea is known for having a lot of caffeine, which is good for people who need to stay alert, as it can help with concentration and focus.


The French green: The French is an oolong style of green teak that is considered to be one of green’s best options for relaxation.

It’s made from a combination of green and oolongs, meaning green tea leaves have been ground into a powder, and then heated in a ceramic pot, which creates a powder that has the consistency of a tea cake.

There are many varieties of French green, but Lee prefers the ones from France.


The green tea of the Philippines: The Philippines is known to have the best quality of green leaf in the world, says Lee.

If you need a cup for the workplace, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it in a local shop.

“The Philippines is one country where there are so many different green tea shops,” she says, adding that many of the shops sell both white and green tea. 


The Colombian green: Colombian green tea has the best taste in the whole world.

It has the same aroma as green tea and is often used in Colombian cooking. 


The Portuguese green: Portuguese green tea originated in Portugal, and it’s often made from green leaves.

It is made by heating the leaves in a cauldron and then adding a lot more water to create a tea that is very strong.


The Japanese green: Japanese green tea tastes better than any other green tea in the entire world, Lee points out.

“Japanese green teabags are the ones that are actually good for your health.

Japanese green tea gives you a feeling of relaxation, and helps you focus on what’s happening in the present moment,” she explains.


The tea from India: The tea in India is usually made from tea leaves soaked in oil and then boiled in hot water.

It’s a lot sweeter than the green variety, but is much more oolicky, Lee explains.

The taste is also different from green tea because the taste is more like the smell.


The Indian green: If you want a bit more caffeine, this tea has been used for centuries in India to help with meditation and concentration.

It may also be used for relaxation purposes, as a remedy for insomnia, or to treat constipation, according Lee.

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